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In the world of busyness and constant hassle, it’s hard to leave the fast pace and slow things down. Our mission is to provide an authentic Finnish sauna experience in order to provide more balanced and healthier lives. We wish you pleasurable moments of freedom in Your KongeSauna!

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konge sauna


Your saunas can be customize suit your home , cabin ,your business, hotel, camping place.


Our saunas are made with high-quality materials and enhanced by smart design. We have not used insulation materials that prevent the evaporation of moisture and the air slots contribute to efficient drying. These are some of the factors that bring many extra years for the sauna.


All saunas have been tested both in the cold of the North and in the warmth of the South. We never stop testing them, as we want to make sure that our products are of high quality and durable, always aiming at the best sauna experience.


We are focused on personal service with high standards and aim to deliver your KongeSauna as fast as possible. All our saunas are delivered ready to be used. Just sit back and let your imagination flow and relax in your brand new KONGE Sauna., sauna bath, steam

Delivery & Installation

All our saunas are delivered ready to be used. Just sit back and enjoy and we will deliver your KongeSauna as fast as possible.

Costomized Logo

We can costomized your suana mirror with your logo(sand blasting)

costomize option

Panorama Glass

You can choose color of sauna glass

tint glass/mirror/clear/

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Stylish Stove

Possible to choose electric stove or wood stove. There are many kind of stove suit want you need.

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Unique in terior

Stylish sauna and unique interior. Select your favourite design and color for interior sauna (modern or old wood style)

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